Violet Flame


The Violet Flame (7th Ray of Universal Light) Healing.

The Violet Flame is a facet of Universal light that science has demonstrated to be the highest frequency on the colour chart spectrum, and is the last point of transition to the next octave of light vibration.

This energy has the power to transmute all negative energy into positive light energy on all levels. This creates a sense of love, peace, joy, healing, flow, and ease within you; other ways it helps you, include physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Its high vibration penetrates our nervous system, our heart, our entire physical body and psyche. It goes straight to the root core of any imbalances you may be experiencing and dissolve everything that is not aligned with your higher self, by filling every cell and atom of your mind and spirit with Divine love & light.

This spiritual alchemy is used to restore the flow of light energy in the body, mind and soul, which can help you step up your vibration frequency, so you are more able to resonate with pure white light of the universe, providing you with the support you need along your path of self-actualization.

This type of healing treatment should be considered when a individual has or is experiencing some trauma and is feeling below par, it can also be combined with other healing treatments and can be as often as one feels necessary to help restore themselves back to optimum selves.

As this is a very powerful healing technique I would only recommend 2 hourly Violet Flame Healing Treatments a year; 1 every 6 months.

Please note payments for treatment are taken 42 hours before treatment via Paypal or Bacs Transfer.


Aura Cleansing & Healings:

Real Time Fixed 60 mins   £100  Distant Healing   £70

Please note I will require a 10 minute consultation prior to your treatment, this will be free of charge.

30 minute Coaching or 20 minute Psychic Reading can be added on for extra guidance before or after this Reading. Please see other pages for more information on these, thank you.

Rooms & Spaces start at:

60 minis £120