Psychic Readings


Guidance from higher realms;

I am a natural psychic able to see things from a place of knowing, able to see things as they are and not how they are perceived to be. Apt at seeing the shadow-self in others and the situation I can easily cut down to the truth; whilst this could seem frightening at first, I think there is real strength in working through these fears and or blockages to remove or correct them so you can be steered to a more fruitful experience in your life going forward.

Clear positive guidance is given that encourages and enables you to make decisions, should you choose to.

I would describe my skills as following and have also given you a definition below:

Clairvoyant; Ability to clearly see non-physical realities and dimensions that surround energies.

Intuitive; Clear knowledge of things, easily grabs insights that escape the normal thought process. The immediate and instinctive represents a shortcut of the mental-soma, a jump over reason, that adds to intelligence.

Clairvoyance; Seeing things clearly, an inner viewing that I would describe like watching a little movie inside your head.

Clairsentience; The ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, physical sensations and empathy (feeling the emotion of others).

Claircognizance; A clear knowing.

Lucid Dreaming; Control of dreams and the use of triggers in dreams to further increase lucidity and induce conscious lucid projections (astral travelling).

Appointments can be arranged for a time and date that is convenient for you via Telephone, Skype and One to One meetings.

Payment must be received 48 hours before appointment via Paypal or Bacs Transfer.


Psychic Readings

30 minutes   £40

60 minutes   £70

A 30 minute Coaching or Healing can be added on for extra support after this treatments. Please see other pages for more information on these, thank you.