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Why I said “No” to doing Psychic Fayres:

First of all, when you leave your energy open to receive messages how can you possibly know for sure that you are receiving the right messages for the person your doing a reading for, when there are so many other people in the room or same area as your reading? You can’t!

People go for a Psychic Reading when they are feeling somewhat vulnerable and are in need of some guidance.

As a Psychic Reader I feel I have a level of responsibility to give my client i.e. you the best possible reading I can. As people that have these readings take what’s being said quite seriously.

Readings should be done on a 1-2-1 basis, with anyone accompanying them to sits outside, so the reader can connect with your energy alone.

Going to a Psychic Fayre is great for meeting like-minded people, buying holistic products and having fun, but people who go to these should keep in mind that these fayre’s are set up for commercial reasons and footfall. I believe that they do not provide you with the best possible reading experience that you are seeking.

Psychic Fayre’s don’t lend themselves to these events because Psychic Readings are best done in private or at least where no one else can hear you so it’s just you and the reader connecting.

I also believe that you should go to a few readers to get the best possible overview and then make your own mind up from there, as each reader will offer some different advice that can be invaluable going forward and some may be more skilled than others.

Being a Psychic I find reading for myself quite hard, as it can be quite difficult to be objective. So even I have my own Trusted Psychic’s that advise me when I am looking for guidance.

If you are going to a Psychic Reader more than 4 times a year then you are being manipulated and this may lead to dependency. I have no more than 2 readings done per a year and that is because the advice I get serves me for this whole duration and more, as energy has no time frame to complete and because the Psychic’s I work with are ethical.

For me this is not about the quantity of readings, it is only ever about the quality of advice I can get and trust me when I say this: There are not many people out there that can give me advice! And those that do, well this information is priceless to me.

The final ”decision” should always lie with you. I always listen to the advice that is given, but in the end I will disregard it if that is what my higher self is saying and this ultimately serves me well!

Should you want a Psychic Reading from me or one of my Trusted Advisors then feel free to message me.

I know this was a long post, so I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read it, I hope it has been helpful x

Can I see into your future?

I was asked today if I am a psychic, do I just walk around being able to see into people’s lives as I meet them or as I walk down the street. The simple answer to this is a firm NO I do not.

The reason for this is because I have my energy closed to this kind of situation happening. I have no interest in anyone else’s life, especially strangers.

I do not allow my energy to be kept open in this way unless of course you are paying me to provide you with a service in which case I will allow my energy to connect to yours for a short time. 

Some things may come to me as they do but that’s for my personal knowledge and is rarely about other people, hope this is useful. 🙂

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